dIck mARTin Creative Artist
Abstract Painting Earth
These paintings are very, very loosely based on the idea of, and feel of, desert and ancient landscapes, whilst exploring universal symbols such as circles, standing stones and the sea. I try to express an internal response and sense of wonder. Living on the Sussex coast, I am aware of the character of the sea and how it demonstrates elemental forces that are constantly changing, yet changeless. I use a wide range of texturing materials, often from the places of inspiration.
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One Minute of Silence 90 x 90cm £325
On the Road 100 x 100cm £500
Circle Time (Diptych) 85 x 50cm £220
Somewhere Across the Border 80 x 60cm £375
The Sun Don’t Shine on a Sleeping Dog’s Arse 60 x 80cm £150
Endless Journey (Group of 4) 64 x 64cm £175
Back Home (Diptych) 52 x 36cm £120
Time Was 90 x 60cm £255
Felpham Ruby 120 x 100cm
Pink in the Green 92 x 102cm
Green Inside 60 x 60cm
Over the Way 60 x 90cm
Silhouetted 100 x 80cm
Untitled 80 x 100cm
Moonlight Dancing (Triptych) 200 x 70cm
Split Morning (Diptych) 100 x 100cm
dIck mARTin Creative Artist