dIck mARTin Creative Artist
Abstract Painting Philosophical Dogs
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A Philosophical Dog Show Although small (26 x 26 cm), these highly textural conceptual paintings have quite a bite and are based on the philosophical problem of knowledge: i.e. how can we know the difference between appearance and reality when our senses are often inaccurate? How do you really know you are standing/sitting here reading this and are not a brain in a vat connected to a computer? (Putnam) How do you know an evil demon is not tricking you? (Descartes) How do you know you are not just watching shadows in a cave? (Plato) Can you be absolutely sure you are not dreaming? Each painting is called “Dog” and a computer chip is part of the composition. So, where is the dog? Well, inside the chip of course and, more importantly, inside your imagination! But, can you be sure you are not in the chip and that someone, maybe a dog, is looking at you? “Such fun!” On the back of each painting there is the title “Dog” and a further random dog’s “character” word to describe the dog and tickle your imagination. In Plato's Theory of Forms , objects that are seen are not real, but literally mimic the real “Forms” in the mind. Forms are the most pure of all things. For Plato there is a form for every object or quality in reality: forms of dogs, human beings, mountains, colours, courage, love and goodness, etc. So, think of a dog and have some fun splashing about with a canine or two in a postmodern world of dreams, “malicious demons,” “brains in vats” and virtual reality. Beware, some of these dogs come in packs. A philosophical Crufts, woof, woof!
Dog (Anachronistic) 26 x 26cm £75
Dog (Bossy) 26 x 26cm £75
Dog (Bountiful) 26 x 26cm £75
Dog (Contemplative) 26 x 26cm £75
Dog (Subjective) 26 x 26cm £75
Dog (Dionysian) 26 x 26cm £75
Dog (Elemental) 26 x 26cm £75
Dog (Original) 26 x 26cm £75
Dog (Seminal) 26 x 26cm £75
Dog (Postmodern) 26 x 26cm £75
Dog (Profound) 26 x 26cm £75
Dog Pair (Inconsequential & Sceptical) 53 x 26cm £145
Inspired & Gregarious
Supercillious & Languorous
Dog Pair (Bacchanalian & Risqué) 53 x 26cm £145
Circus Dogs (Pack of 3) 80x 30cm £210
Modern Dogs (Pack of 3) 80x 30cm £210
Pedigree Dogs (Pack of 4) 53x 53cm £275
Philosophical Dogs (Pack of 4) 53x 53cm £275
Dog Pair (Lump Chewing 1 & 2) 62x 40cm £275
This pair of paintings celebrates “Lump” - the dog who ate a Picasso. Lump was a dachshund who came to live with Picasso at Villa La Californie in 1957. Picasso painted Lump many times and he can be seen in some of Picasso’s most famous paintings. One day Picasso showed Lump a card sculpture of a rabbit and Lump promptly ate it. Can you imagine Lump chewing and the expression on Picasso’s face? I’m interested in what comes into your mind as you think of the scene that day in Villa La Californie.
dIck mARTin Creative Artist
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