dIck mARTin Creative Artist
Abstract Painting Life Being Time
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The inspiration for this series of paintings comes both from the philosophy of Heidegger and the life giving and life sustaining benefits of modern medicine. Every drop of paint used for the painting has passed through a syringe - a life keeper/giver - therefore “Life” in the title. Each application of paint takes approximately the same time as preparing and administrating an injection. “Being and Time” is the title of a major work by Heidegger arguing that in “being” and “becoming” all we really have/own is “Time” i.e. the time we take up in living. Sartre’s work “Being and Nothingness” continued from there. The paintings are very colourful and decorative - a celebration of life. They are intended to be exciting close up as well as at a distance with new colours and patterns to be seen at every viewing.
Life Being Time 5 60 x 45cm £125
Life Being Time 8 60 x 60cm £145
Life Being Time 10 60 x 60cm £145
dIck mARTin Creative Artist