dIck mARTin Creative Artist
Abstract Painting Odyssey
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These very highly textured paintings are inspired by Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey . The poem is such a rich source of creative inspiration, with its wonderful descriptions of bravery, struggle and intelligence. Odysseus is on his ten year journey to return home to Ithaca after the Trojan War. He has many adventures before finally reaching home. A further source of inspiration is Constantine Cavafy’s wonderful poem Ithaca , about the importance of experience. The poem speaks of the importance of journeys in forming character and shows how experience makes you what you are, the journey being more significant than the destination - a metaphor for life. The shells incorporated into some of the paintings are from the Ionian Sea, near Catania, Sicily where the Cyclops Polyphemus, the son of Poseidon, threw rocks at the escaping Odysseus who had just blinded him. These small mountain-sized rocks are there by the shore today. Volcanic ash from Etna is also used in other paintings.
Nearly Home 60 x 60cm
Your Time Is Finite 60 x 60cm £235
Such Times In Ogygia 60 x 60cm
Calypso 50 x 76cm £235
Ithaca In Mind 76x 76cm
Sirens Calling 60 x 60cm £235
Into the Cause 46 x 60cm
Lotus Eating Forever 46 x 56cm £175
Holy Moly - Beware Circe 60 x 60cm £235
Ithaca Bound 60 x 90cm
Ithaca Fixed In Mind 100 x 120cm
Ambling To Ithaca 100 x 100cm
dIck mARTin Creative Artist
Just Absurd 60 x 60cm £235