dIck mARTin Creative Artist
Abstract Painting Philosophy
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I enjoy exploring intriguing philosophical ideas, both classical and modern, and giving a visual/textural response. For example, several of these paintings are inspired by Heidegger's work Being and Time” which argues that all we are/have is the time we take up. He asks what is meant by to be and what does being mean? If being is time and time is finite, then it is madness to waste time and being on pointless activities and thoughts. Heidegger is considered by some to be “the father of existentialism.” I'm playing with the idea of being tied up in time as, in a sense, we all are. Sartre's work “Being and Nothingness” continues the argument, developing the “problem of choice” concept. If there is no outside authority to direct action then choice becomes a personal responsibility.
The Real Real 50 x 75cm £215
Seeing the Real 75 x 60cm £245
The Real In Things 75 x 60cm £245
Looking For the Authentic Life (Diptych) 100 x 100cm
Out of the Desert of the Real 60 x 60cm £195
The March of Time 92 x 60cm
Tied Up In Time Again 60 x 60cm
Visitation 56 x 46cm
Sisyphus Continues His Task 100 x 76cm
Earthscape-Inscape (Diptych) 108 x 100cm £500
Suspense (Diptych) 80 x 60cm
Every Cloud 60 x 75cm
In Retrospect 160 x 120cm
If You Look Hard Enough 76 x 76cm
Searching For the Ghost of Tom Joad 76 x 76cm
Now Don’t Say Nothing If You Don’t Have Something Nice To Say 90 x 60cm
dIck mARTin Creative Artist