dIck mARTin Creative Artist
Ceramic Sculpture Stargazers
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. Oscar Wilde These figurative sculptures are inspired by the idea of a stargazer/dreamer or a watcher/protector. Someone who can see through the everyday and beyond the obvious. Someone who looks for what is real and dares to wonder. People have always watched the stars and considered their own place in the universe. Hopefully some humour is shown too in these quirky ceramic sculptures.
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Figures are between 28 to 33cm high
dIck mARTin Creative Artist
Stargazer Figure 25 £135
Stargazer Figure 26 £135
Stargazer Pair 25 & 26 £260
Stargazer Figure 6 £125
Stargazer Figure “Ursa Major” £155
Stargazer Figure “Sirius” £155
Stargazer Figure “Capella” £155
Stargazer Figure “Aldebaran” £155
Stargazer Figure “Arcturus” £155