dIck mARTin Creative Artist
Abstract Painting Spontaneity
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These highly textured paintings are achieved through a purely intuitive process using texture, colour, shape, line and abstract composition to produce a strong, powerful painting. A spontaneous use of materials and tools is employed throughout, directed by feelings and emotions and the need to be creative. This serendipitous process finally resolves into a finished piece showing increasing levels of interest the closer the observation. The title of each painting makes an oblique reference to theories in modern physics, which seems appropriate in a subconscious way and adds to the interest and enjoyment of the work.
Where There Is Light 76 x 60cm £245
Tomorrow Never Comes 76 x 60cm £245
Solar Visions 76 x 60cm £245
Serendipity By Design 76 x 60cm £245
Photon Beauty 76 x 60cm £245
Fragments Of Tomorrow 76 x 60cm
On a Day Like Today 76 x 60cm
Between Moments 76 x 60cm £245
Collapsing Dreams 76 x 60cm £245
Entangled Thoughts 76 x 60cm £245
Alright Now 76 x 60cm
At a Time Like This 76 x 60cm
Memories Of Now 60 x 60cm £195
Riot 60 x 60cm
dIck mARTin Creative Artist
Horizon So Vast 76 x 60cm £245
Waiting For You To Shine 76 x 60cm £245