dIck mARTin Creative Artist
dIck mARTin Creative Artist
Ceramic Sculpture Nordic Mythology
The ancient Greek Gods were of the warm south, but in the north of Europe the Norse Gods reigned in equally ancient lands of ice and fire. The Norse deities and heroes seem to me to be carved from the landscape, craggy, more primitive and megalithic than the sun-bathed, elegant Greeks. While my initial inspiration comes from my love of Wagner’s take on aspects of the Nordic myths in his Ring Cycle - gods, goddesses and those magnificent Valkyries - further research illuminates an entire worldview of sagas from Iceland and Scaninavia, a true inspiration for sculpture.
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Frigg 1
Helmwige was one of Wagner’s Valkyries in his Ring Cycle, Odin’s daughters by the Earth Goddess Erda. They chose which heroes would die in battle and be taken to Valhalla, Odin’s hall.
Freyja 1
Odin 1
Benandonner, the most powerful giant in Scotland, challenged the Irish Giant Finn McCool to a fight. Benandonner, tricked into thinking Finn McCool was much bigger than him, destroyed the Giant’s Causeway to stop Finn McCool from coming to Scotland.
Finn McCool 1
Helmwige 48cm £295
Benandonner 44cm £295
Rhitta Gawr
Finn McCool 2
Gogmagog 1
Odin 2
Frigg 2 46cm £295
Freyja 2
Frigg (Fricka in Wagner’s Ring Cycle), wife to Odin (Wotan), chief god, the Allfather, was the goddess of marriage.
Gogmagog was a legendary English and Welsh giant. He lived around Cornwall and had such great strength that with one shake he could pull up an oak tree. He battled Corineus, who fought giants, at "Tottenesse."
Gogmagog 2 48cm £295